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How are you learning about the bid? How are you getting the bid out?  

Our Outreach Programs focus on specific bidding opportunities for qualified firms who are interested in public and private sector construction & transportation projects.

What We Do:
  • Match companies with the trade for the specific project

  • Host timely outreach events for subcontractors to learn about the scope of work (SOW) and network with potential prime contractors or agencies

  • Advertise the event opportunities and provide information to local community-based programs.

How to Qualify:
  • Are you a certified DBE, MBE, EDGE, LEDE, FBE or WBE company?

  • Is your company bonded?

  • Is your company currently listed with the various certifying agencies?

  • Does your company have the necessary licenses?

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These are some of the requirements in becoming a qualified subcontracting firm. We can assist you with this process and steer you toward increased bidding opportunities and profitability for your firm.

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