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GinGer Cunningham, Founder & CEO

GinGer Cunningham’s Midwest upbringing greatly influenced her advocacy for economic development and civil rights in the trade industries. Her experiences as a Union Organizer, Contract Compliance Investigator, and Construction Project Monitor gave her the knowledge to begin GinGer Cunningham & Associates over a decade ago. 

The firm's mission is to increase the participation rate of DBEs, M/FBEs, EDGE, SBEs, and other disadvantaged groups on major construction and transportation projects.


GinGer is active on several Boards and Committees. Recently, her organization was recognized nationally and locally as the premiere Historically Underserved Business (HUB) Firm of the Year by the Conference for Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO)  & COMTO Columbus for the passion, knowledge, support and revenue her company has provided numerous subcontractors, primes and agencies. 


In her spare time, GinGer enjoys spending time with her family, playing golf, and mentoring others on life lessons that support their personal and professional success. 

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GinGer Cunningham & Associates

GinGer Cunningham & Associates is dedicated to advancing outreach and outcomes to achieve the highest possible level of business inclusion.  Our outreach approach engages all stakeholders to improve diversity through proven trust. 


As a leader in diversity outreach and education, we offer professional and personalized services for contractors in advocating and advancing the scope  and requirements for securing business in construction and transportation procurement initiatives. We partner closely with subcontractors — assisting in pre-qualification, mentoring on the certification process, instructing on the scope of services, while leveraging subcontractors’ skills to meet the requirements of larger projects. 


For primes and agencies, our team hosts networking events to solicit and educate organizations on current and upcoming bids as well as project opportunities. We support all enterprises by bridging the relationships between primes and subcontractors, encouraging wins for all entities.


With experience in Marketing and Business Development, B.J. Cunningham is the newest Associate for GinGer Cunningham & Associates, LLC. B.J. joins the growing team by offering our clients an impeccable track-record of collaboration and success. B.J. plays football for the Canadian Football League, where he leads the Montreal Alouettes in receptions. Prior to the CFL, B.J. played football for Michigan State University, where he was the all-time leader in reception and receiving yards. He also spent time in the NFL and was the sixth-round overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft by the Miami Dolphins. Being mentored by GinGer, B.J. provides a unique combination of knowledge and communications skills to comply with federal and state business regulations. B.J. resides in Montreal and Southern Florida so will assist in the expansion of GinGer Cunningham & Associates, which includes managing the office in South Florida while evaluating the Canadian market for growth. In his free time, B.J. enjoys working out.



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