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Diversity Certifications
Diversity Compliance & Monitoring
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Analysis & Implementation

Diversity Training & Marketing
Bid Opportunities for Construction & Transportation Projects 
Estimating, Pre-Qualification & Bonding Workshops

Diversity Certifications

Race, Gender, Disadvantaged, Veterans

We support private and public-sector companies in seeking and selecting certified diverse enterprises with Race, Gender, Disadvantaged, and Veterans certifications. This advantage strengthens brand recognition, community outreach, and financial goals for primes and subcontractors.


For suppliers that need certifications to meet the inclusive goals for a contract, we partner throughout the process to get your enterprise certified quickly and correctly, as well as providing real visibility to companies highlight your qualified expertise to the project.

Diversity Compliance & Monitoring 

We work with diverse and disadvantaged enterprises to ensure subcontractors are certified and meet the stringent requirements of being a certified business.


We collaborate with primes and subcontractors to ensure businesses comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the project through extensive instruction, assessments, monitoring, and evaluations throughout the project’s timeline.

Diversity Training & Marketing

Developing well-connected lists of local and statewide businesses over the years, we offer tailored networking, training, and matchmaking events to primes,  subcontractors, and diverse businesses. This personalization enhances the project's experience and prepares organizations in working collaboratively.


We also provide extensive information and empirical research why diverse businesses should be included in bid and for project opportunities.

Bid Construction Opportunities

Communications are key in notifying certified businesses about bid notices and project opportunities. Through our vast network and industry-specific database of diverse and certified businesses, we effectively share forthcoming projects. This includes specific information from primes seeking services and products from diverse enterprises as well as certified businesses wanting to partner with primes and large subcontractors.

Estimating, Pre-Qualification, & Bonding Workshops

Whether online, individually, or in small groups, we partner with businesses to identify, apply, and obtain certifications for Minority, Women and Veteran-owned businesses including DBE, MBE, F/WBE and EDGE certifications.  


The business application process requires a detailed understanding of the services and/or product offerings as well as the requirements of each certification program. We help diverse business clients identify their business objectives, complete the application process, and then solicit their services to prime contractors to scale their business in the construction and transportation industries.

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