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Diversity Training
Diversity Certifications
Outreach Marketing
Compliance & Monitoring
Estimating, Pre-Qualification & Bonding
Bid Opportunities for Construction & Transportation 

Diversity Certifications

Race, Gender, Disadvantaged, Veterans

Partnering with GinGer Cunningham & Associate, LLC., we support private and public-sector companies in securing certified diverse enterprises, which strengthens primes brand recognition, community outreach, culture, and marketing efforts. For suppliers that need to get certified to meet the scope of a project, we assist diverse organizations in meeting the needs of the primes’ goals throughout the certification process.

Compliance & Monitoring Consulting

GinGer Cunningham & Associates, LLC. works with diverse and disadvantaged enterprises to ensure the subcontractors are certified and meet the stringent requirements being a certified business. Not only do we partner with primes and subcontractors, we ensure contractors and subcontractors comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the project. We have extensive value and experience monitoring, evaluation and instructing DBEs throughout a project’s timeline.

Outreach, Training, & Marketing

We are well-connected in local and state markets that can bring more opportunities through tailored networking events and training. To prepare for the work, we offer personalized access to training programs that can enhance DBEs organization skills through workshops, on-going training, and mentorship programs providing strategies for selling to large corporations.

Bid Construction Opportunities

GinGer Cunningham & Associates, LLC. communicates to businesses around the State via email, phone, and social media utilizing our vast, industry-specific database of qualified businesses. Through our relationships, we are aware of what is coming down the road and in alerting companies of upcoming work and contact information for primes and subcontractors.

Estimating, Prequalification, & Bonding Workshop

We partner with disadvantaged businesses to identify, apply, and obtain certifications for Minority, Women and Veteran-owned businesses including DBE, MBE, WBE and EDGE certifications.  The business application process requires a detailed understanding of a subcontractor’s business and the requirements of each certification program. We help diverse business clients identify their business objectives, complete the application process, and then solicit their services to prime contractors to scale their business in the construction and transportation industries.