Ms. Cunningham is an enthusiastic, positive, strong and influential role model for women. We have enjoyed working with GinGer Cunningham & Associates throughout the years. We appreciate the networking contact opportunities we have taken advantage of due to the workshops she has hosted. 


Bailene Buckner, Buckner & Sons Masonry, Inc.

GinGer Cunningham & Associates served as the Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for Portsmouth JV, the Design and Build Contractor of the $429.7 million Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway project in Southern Ohio. Her company excelled as a direct liaison between the project's key stakeholders and Ohio's disadvantaged business community. GinGer Cunningham & Associates delivered exceptional results with great attention to detail and enthusiasm while effectively communicating and addressing the needs of Ohio's disadvantaged business enterprises, including small businesses, minority, and women business enterprises. In addition, GinGer Cunningham & Associates played an integral role in representing the project's Design and Build Contractor at various outreach and community events, networking functions, and high-profile meetings. GinGer's company brings decades of established relationships with city, state, and federal officials to her projects, offering unique value and distinguishing her as a leader among national diversity professionals.

—Hugo Fontirroig, D&B Contractor Project Manager, Portsmouth JV


GinGer Cunningham & Associates passion and determination for knocking on doors, pushing through obstacles, and making your voice heard has been the backbone of the company’s success throughout the years. It is not secret that GinGer Cunningham & Associates makes things happen! Her organization is truly making a difference in the lives of black-owned businesses and minority-owned firms. Her company is paying it forward and allowing the people she opens doors for to someday leave a legacy for the next generation.

—Lewis Smoot, Jr., Senior Vice President, Chairman, Smoot Construction


Under her leadership as owner of GinGer Cunningham & Associates, AECOM was able to benefit from GinGer’s tutelage in several areas, including team coaching, directing, and teaching us in the area of diversity & inclusion programs. Because of her knowledge and leadership, we met and developed relationships with a number of diverse contractors and suppliers not known to us before. Not only did Ginger assist us in the MWBE identification process, she provided a mentor/protege forum where we could assist them toward improving their technical skills and capacities. As they grew, so did we ... with the final outcome being that we received a better product! Additionally, GinGer Cunningham & Associates assisted us with construction monitoring and with being in compliance with the applicable governmental regulations We regarded her organization as a valuable member of our team. She comprehensively handled all of our diversity outreach programs from developing and forwarding the event notices to her vast number of contacts to making the various events that we conducted a tremendous success. Lastly, Ginger is definitely a hardworking individual who is committed and sincere about affirmative action, equal opportunity, fair wages, and diversity & inclusion.

— Rob Rivers, Vice President, PM/CM Market Sector Leader, Water AECOM


GinGer Cunningham & Associates has been and remains, a tremendous asset to our company with regard to business development. GinGer Cunningham & Associates is able to present us with opportunities in a way that is unsurpassed by others. Always willing to assist with personnel that possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to learn our specific interests and business needs, we always look forward to working with GinGer Cunningham & Associates.


— Troy R. Crawford, Principal, Crawford & Associates Services, LLC MBE

GinGer Cunningham & Associates work ethics and professionalism are outstanding. I have attended several outreach construction prime/sub contracting events and always look forward to attending ones coordinated by Ginger. Subcontractors are able to make direct contact with the primes and an informational session is available to explain the scope of project in detail. GinGer Cunningham & Associates have played a key role in my company obtaining contracts in the landscaping industry by attending their networking events that are organized and attended by construction personnel throughout the Ohio area.


GinGer has a passion for assisting SBAs in her community by volunteering her services with Central Ohio Minority Business Association, teaching how important it is to be compliant in the construction field and is very knowledgeable in the area of state regulation. I highly recommend GinGer and her team for future outreach opportunities connecting the construction arena with proficient and diversified businesses, large and small.

— Kathy Tatum, MBE/WBE/EDGE Owner, Tatum Landscaping, LLC

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