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Diversity certification services

Professional “Know-How” on a Tight Schedule & Budget

Diversity Certification


Diversity Compliance & Monitoring 

Marketing, Outreach, & Training

Race, Gender, Disadvantage, Veterans

Business Certifications

Bid Construction Opportunities

 GinGer Cunningham & Associates

We bring primes and diverse subcontractors together

to yield profitable results! 

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Dedicated in advancing DBE Outcomes through Outreach, GinGer Cunningham & Associates proven approach ensures the highest possible level of business inclusion. As a leader in diversity outreach and consulting, we offer professional and personalized expertise for contractors in advocating and advancing the scope and requirements for securing business.


GinGer Cunningham & Associates has trusted experience engaging small and emerging businesses on construction and transportation procurement initiatives. Our team:

  • Hosts networking events to solicit & educate organizations about bids and business opportunities in construction and transportation

  • Shares upcoming bids & project opportunities throughout our vast network

  • Partners to certify organizations & provides training for success  

  • Bridges relationships between primes and subcontractors

  • Encourages a win-win scenario for all businesses

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